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O Que Fazer Pra Ganhar Dinheiro?


Many people do not even think they can start an online business and do not even think about what to do to make money.  Then he keeps back, saying things like, “I’m not a personal finance expert to find a dream business.

“I do not know how to do anything for people to pay!”

Are you sure? Unless you actually recorded it in your memory, the answer “no”.

 I used to think thinking that way too, until I found out how many other strange people did. Here are just 3 profitable courses that I saw last year:

Toilet Trained Cat : Cats trained to use the bathroom. The revenue from books and courses.

Listen and Play: Learn to play piano by ear, without score or years of lessons. The revenue of courses.

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide : Holidays at Disney World for half the price. The recipe for ebooks.

Do these seem to be ideas for normal successful products? Of course not. These people simply get something that is good then tested the market to see if other people were willing to pay for their expertise.

What skills are you already good at?

Most of us are experts – or at least better than most people – at something. Write down the first things that come to mind when you read these questions:

What skills do you already have?

What do your friends call you advice on?

What kind of websites do you read?

(Ex: computers, fashion, sports, business)

When you finish jotting down your answers to these questions, pause.

Did you notice what happened as you went through this list?

I just asked you what skills you’re already good at. But notice how you are already getting way ahead of yourself:

“But what if I do not know what I’m good at?”

“An online course? But I do not have a website / traffic.”

“What kind of software should I use to …”

“What will I do if I have to decide if I want to stay at work?”


(Coaching is the only best way to start learning business skills. “)

If you were at first, you would not ask someone if they want kids … because you would be getting way ahead of yourself. But somehow, when it comes to making money, our brains invent far-flung scenarios about the future to keep us stuck where we are.

What To Do To Make Money?

Learn here

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If you do this, you should be able to develop both a business plan worthy of investment capital and grow a successful business.

A fully video lessons training that teaches the student step by step from start to finish how to set up a highly profitable, scalable and multiplying internet business. With this training you will no longer have doubts about  what to do to earn money.

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