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como crescer o seu negócio no youtube.

Como Conseguir Emprego Online

Already many, because of the high unemployment rate in our country have mobilized the web to migrate overseas and start a new career. That seems simple, but it is not. The job search online has its own secrets. If you know, and can use it, believe me, success is guaranteed.

The key points you need to know are:

If you really want to make a difference, do not just put your resume on the job search sites. You have to take it one step further by creating your own website or online portfolio, where your resume, all your business, contact information and courses will be posted on LinkedIn.

Make sure your name is on google

Screenshot-2016-10-21-11-23-49The first thing that employers today do and “research” the candidates on the internet. Before that, they care to do it for themselves. If the results are not so well you will have to find a way to fix things.

Think about the keywords

Because just researching on the Internet is done mostly with keywords for those associated with the job at hand that they use frequently or with variations in their resume. For example, if you are interested in working in the marketing area with the position of manager, product manager, your profile and curriculum should be about marketing and marketing.

Limit your options

There are many local job search if offered to help users improve search results and have faster results. It is therefore good to enter into this process and to restrict the criteria in terms of geographical area, industry, work, or keywords of use, such as company names, experience, level of remuneration, etc.

Go straight to the source

Instead of applying for an open job posting publicly, a smart way is to select your target. To find a few words, the company to which you want to work, and then to communicate with it. In addition, you can still use a few career sites in which many employers invite people to fill their profiles, their work experience, jobs that attract their interest, salary claims and other preferences. Even visit an employer site interested in social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and look for people in your network of contacts to be created in each company.

Use video

Another way to stand out is to create a video, which will work as a summary. Such a video will not replace your traditional resume but will allow you to show a little of your personality and emphasize one or two points of interest in your resume. Soon I will post more content on how to get a job online

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